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Frequently Asked Questions

Given the number of Television, Feature Films and Internet Videos that are being produced today there is a huge potential in the professional options available to the young aspirant.  Each student can look at a career in Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Sound Design in Television, Fiction Feature Films and the Documentary spheres.

Our master’s degree in Communication is designed to produce professionals in the field of film and television to help them develop a better understanding and analytical ability towards the Audio-Visual medium. We wish to bring our production up to world standard. All one needs is an inclination to creative expression and understanding of society around and an ability to introspect, analyze and express a world view that influences the audience that they target.

Our students are trained and guided into a world of real-life stories that will resonate irrespective of culture and finance. We look to reconnect our students to the milieu they belong to so the stories that they tell reflect our culture and resonate across the world.

We require our applicants to have a Degree in any three or four year course of study. This is primarily because we except certain level of maturity in every graduate who is going to make films and videos that will influence society.

A total of 52 credits are needed to get a Master’s degree in communication across Core and Elective disciplines.

We have a combination of compulsory and elective courses which will allow a student to complete the credit requirements to receive the Master’s Degree.

Choice of courses purely depends upon the student’s area of interest based on performance and counselling with the post graduate advisor.

The courses offered are a combination of Core Compulsory and Electives. The compulsory courses build on requirements that are essential to their understanding of the Cinematic Medium, whereas the Electives are offered according to the individual’s area of preference.

The Core Compulsory Courses are mandatory to all students and the Electives can be chosen in discussion with the PG Advisory of the programme.

For any further information or specific query, students are supposed to get in touch with the PG Advisor of the Department.