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Frequently Asked Questions

Our minor in Communication is designed to introduce the students to the field of Media and Communication and to help them develop a better “understanding and analytical ability” towards Audio-Visual medium as well as to develop skill sets in order to be able to create and produce A/V program/material.

Students successfully completing a minor degree in communication will have a fair knowledge of the discipline which may inspire them to pursue further studies and a career in communication.

As our multi-disciplinary structure intends, a student doing a Minor in Communication alongside a Major in fields of Engineering, Science etc. will develop certain sensibility, aesthetics and overall richness of mind which is highly appreciated in today’s corporate world.

Students are supposed to apply for a minor degree in communication by filling in the Minor Registration Form rolled out by Dean’s office by the end of Spring Semester and before the Monsoon Semester begins.

A total of 18 credits are needed to get a minor degree in communication.

Number of courses is not a criterion for getting a minor degree in Communication. Students are supposed to earn a total of 18 credits by successful completion of various courses that are offered during different semesters.

Choice of courses purely depends upon the student’s area of interest provided the course is being offered and it is not or it doesn’t require a pre-requisite.

No, they are open as UWEs. But candidates pursuing minor in Communication are given preference provided they apply in time and do not have a Time Table Clash with other courses pursued during the same semester.

Enrollment in all Communication UG courses are done manually before the semester begins. Students registered for a Minor degree in Communication are supposed to send a mail to the UG advisor of the department informing him about the course/s they are willing to be enrolled in (provided the course is being offered during the forthcoming semester). Allotment of seats are done on the basis of seniority of the student (lesser the number of semesters one is left with, higher the chance of him/her getting the course) and requirement of credits to complete the Minor. Seats will not be allotted to students who do not fulfill the pre-requisites or those who have a Time Table clash, Course overload etc.

If a student wants to take a communication course as an UWE in the current semester, s/he is required to send a mail to the UG Advisor oce the current semester has ended, explaining clearly why s/he need or wants the course.

There is no compulsory course but the course COM199 Image and Sound Studio is a pre-requisite for both COM196 Basic Film and TV Production and COM197 Editing and Post-production.

NO. Once registered for Minor in Communication, the Department would assist the students in every possible way so that he/ she manages to complete the 18 credits that one needs to earn in order to get a Minor Degree in Communication.

But in case the student fails to complete the credits due to his or her failure in successful completion of individual courses/ failure to do the courses necessary to complete the Minor Degree in Communication due to Time Table clash, credit overload, unavailability of suitable courses etc., the department will not be held responsible.

For any further information or specific query, students are supposed to get in touch with the UG Advisor of the Department.